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Ultrasound can be used in several areas within food processing, and is often used in combination with other technologies. For example, it can be used to inactivate microorganisms and enzymes, during extraction, to increase heating and thawing rates, to prevent foaming and for cleaning and decontamination. It is most common to use ultrasound in a liquid medium, but it is also possible to use it in air.

How does Ultrasound affect different food products?

Goal Egg
Has effect
Food safety
Loss of liquid
Nutritional values Has less effect
Digestibility Has less effect
Has effect
Has less effect
Applies to chicken

Watch film: How does ultrasound processing work?

Worth knowing

Ultrasound for food production

What can it be used for, and how is it done?

Food safety and packaging

How can ultrasound improve shelf-life, and which packaging materials should be used?

Susatinability and marketing

How sustainable is the use of ultrasound, and what information is best for customers?


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